Sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs & context of the event. Great for student leaders, teachers & administrators, and public health officials! 

Beyond #MasculinitySoFragil: Creating Space for Healthy Masculinities
Foundations in Social Justice
Exploring Internalized Oppression: Implications on Health Initiatives 

This session address key conceptual foundations of social justice and introduce participants to the knowledge, skills, and mindsets of aspiring social justice practitioners

This session explores the impact of internalized oppression and its implications for designing culturally affirming health and wellness programs.
This session explores the impact of dominant notions of masculinity and its impact. This session creates critical dialogue about gender identity and expression. 
Building Compassionate Communities: Creating Safer Spaces for LGBTQ Youth
Engaging Youth in Meaningful Collaborations and Partnerships
Power To The People: Civic Engagement 4 Social Change 

This session explores a variety of civic engagement strategies such as activism, advocacy and organizing. 
This session is designed to engage teachers, education and health administrators, and community workers to incease thier capacity to engage and create culturally affirming spaces for LGBTQ youth.   
This session explores adultism, youth oppression, and stratgies for sucessfully and meaningfully engaging youth in decision making of organizations and programs.  
Black/Queer Love: Embodiment, Black Church Trauma, & Liberation
Doing the Work: Conceptualizing a "Love That Does Justice"
I'm Here: Storytelling for Social Change

This session explores the power of personal storytelling. It provides participants with the tools to craft their own stories and the skills necessary to create social change.  
This session explores the place and social function of love within contemporary US context. Drawing upon Dr. King's notion of a "Love That Does Justice," the session connects love, power, and justice to realize love's transformative potential.
This session explores the intersections of sexuality, christianity, and race. It explores themes of trauma, healing, and liberation from religious oppression.