"Many of us are still a-glow after the fantastic training your provided earlier this week. Thank you again for your knowledge and your ‘here-ness.’ Good trainers respond to their audiences rather than present to them and you are very good at listening with your ears and with your heart. Many thanks." 

"What a joy and real needed healing to be in your workshop. Thank you for coming, for teaching us and holding that "oh lawd, dios mio" space for all of us. The liberatory framework knocked me off my feet--this is what i believe, and do, but now I got a real framework to cite."

"I attended your training back in September along with several of my case managers that I supervise. So, one of my case managers recently came to me to talk about his experience with a new client.  This client is a gay male, with whom this case manager might have previously chosen not to work with.  We had actually had a couple conversations before your training about his comfort level when working with gay males and I had to really push for him to attend your training.  He told me immediately after that he was glad he attended, and then just last week told me that had he not attended, he would have had a completely different reaction to this new client when he first met him.  He told me that he was able to look at him just as another person who needed some help, not as a gay male that made him uncomfortable.  He told me he enjoys working with this client now and had it not been for you, he would not be able to have the positive interactions with this person that he has now."

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